MTT - Moulds and Tools - Technic s.r.o.

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MTT - Moulds and Tools - Technic s.r.o.

Production of prototype and small-series injection moulds made out of aluminum alloys.


Several advantages why you should choose us .


An abundance of experience in the trade

Fast production times of the moulds

Precise inspections and control checks

We are a Czech company

About us

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MTT - o nás

From an idea to the final implementation.

Given, that our specialization is in the production of prototype moulds, we exclusively use materials composed of aluminum alloy.

The highest percentage of our production is focused on the automotive industry. In this area alone, the advantages of prototype moulds are visible. In particular, the moulds undergo frequent changes in geometry and there is the added time constraint of finishing the samples.

This technology also has applications in other areas where the priority is time, the low prices and the low series of plastic parts. Examples of this include various seasonal sports accessories. The client often comes with only an idea and in cooperation with our technicians the product can be developed. The result of the cooperation is not only the production mould, but the complete production of plastic parts.

Based on the request of the client we are able to respond during very short periods (days) and to perform the construction, preparation for the production of moulds, and the sampling of individual parts. As we specialize exclusively in the prototype and pre-series moulds, the main priority in our company is the speed and flexibility of production.

The Moulds and Tools company is a dynamically developing private company that has since 1999, dealt in the market segment directed towards the production of prototypes and small series injection moulds. However, we have gradually changed into a company which ensures a complete service for our clients. This means that we are able to produce either moulds, as well as the development of pressed pieces, form design and, of course, the pressing of samples. The processing of all data on high-performance CAD and CAM systems. As an input model, we often use only sketches; however in most cases the basis for further work is a 3D digital model from another CAD system.

Technological advantages

Speed of production

Competitive price

Possibilities of easy modifications

Testing the properties of series moulds

Quality of parts comparable with series production

The possibility of the use of any thermo plastics



MTT - frézování

Sampling and injection

MTT - Vzorkování a vstřikování


MTT - Měření


Modern equipment, either on the side of the machine equipment, as well as tools and accessories from renowned companies enable us to achieve high productivity and a high quality of tooling.

The combination of a high-performance CAM system for precise modern CNC machine tools enables the full use of HSC tool technology. A lot of attention is paid to the use of modern, high-quality and exact cutting tools.

In the area of CNC milling, we offer the following options:

    • max. size of mould 1400 × 1000 × 1000 mm
    • max. weight of the work piece 1000 kg
    • max. weight of the mould up to 2500 kg
TYP STROJE Typ CNC počet os x/mm y/mm z/mm
DMU 80 T TNC 430 3 880 630 630
DMU 100 T TNC 530 4 1000 710 630
DMU 100 Monoblock TNC 530 5 1100 710 630
DMU 100 Monoblock TNC 530 5 1100 710 630
DMU 100 Monoblock TNC 530 5 1100 710 630
DMU HSC Linear 75 TNC 530 5 885 600 600
DMU Mori 95 Monoblock TNC 640 5 950 850 650
DMU 80 Monoblock TNC 530 5 800 630 630
DMU 80 Monoblock TNC 530 5 800 630 630
DMF 180 TNC 530 5 1800 700 630

Sampling and injection

Testing and sampling of tools is ensured on modern Krauss-Mafei and Engel presses. The sizes of injected parts vary from several grams up to approximately 1,500 g.

The equipment in the press workshop includes three vacuum driers, which significantly shorten the time necessary for the preparation of sampling.

Processed materials:

PP, PE, PEI, PES, PS, ABS, PA, POM, PBT, PC, PMMA, PUR, TPE, etc. and also materials filled with up to 50% glass or mineral fillers up to a total weight of approximately 1,500 g.

TYP STROJE Uzavírací síla Otevírací vzdálenost vzdálenost mezi sloupky Upínací deska Kapacita vstřiku
ENGEL 330 80/HL 800 675 - 700x650 125
ENGEL 330 90/HL 900 675 - 700x650 100
Engel Victory 1050/300 3000 805 - 1000x930 510
KM 650 C 2700 6500 1750 1000x930 1270x1200 1400
KM MX 950 -4300 9500 1860 1400x1115 1960x1700 2290


TYP STROJE Typ CNC počet os x/mm y/mm z/mm
DEA Global Classic PC – DMIS 1000 700 500

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An overview of some of our products made from prototype aluminium injection moulds.

  • Headlights
  • Exterior/Visible car parts
  • Technical car parts
  • Parts for consumer goods


Do you have questions or would you like to use our services? Write to us!

Ing. Jaromír Korábečný
Pavel Maceček

Moulds and Tools-Technic s.r.o. Hrachovec 288 757 01 Valašské Mezíříčí

IČO: 01916751
DIČ: CZ 01916751

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